Luxe Appointment


So what is our Luxe Appointment all about anyway? Because this isn’t your average bridal shopping experience. And at MaidenWhite, we believe that every bride deserves to have the absolute best when shopping for the most important article of clothing you’ll ever wear. And this extra special “party” style appointment is exclusive to MaidenWhite in Las Vegas.




Our Luxe Appointments are an extra special way for us to celebrate YOU. You & your guests will have complete privacy with the entire store reserved for your Luxe Appointment only.


So laugh out loud, dance around, and have a blast because this is your time and the space is all yours during your extended 2 hour appointment!





Pictured on the left is a sample of our menus and the inclusions for the starting price of $350. Think: tea time celebration while falling in love with your dream wedding dress!


If something on this menu doesn’t quite fit your vibe, let us know and we would be happy to offer alternative solutions.

Have dietary restrictions or allergies? Not a problem! Let a member of our team know and we will adjust. We’re here for you, Queen!


As an extra special incentive, brides booking a Luxe Appointment also get a $150 credit towards your wedding dress when purchasing during your appointment.


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This is your time to be pampered. And we think, the opportune time for a Bridal Hair & Makeup Trial so that when you put on that dream dress, you’ll get to see the full effect! Our preferred local hair & makeup team is Set and Fury LV. If you’d like to bring in your own hair & makeup crew, we will welcome them. Let a MaidenWhite team member know that you’re interested in this service and we will work on coordinating that with your appointment.


Other fun add-ons include a digital photo booth for your event from Desert Cactus Booth, and floral bouquets from your choice of one of our favorite local vendors: Lucid Juliet Florals and Blooms by Sirce.