Let's get ready for your appointment!

Take a minute to check out our “prep checklist” and fill out a few brief questions below so that we can be ready to welcome you and make this the best shopping experience ever! 

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You’re on your way to finding your dream dress. YAY! We have a few things to take note of to prep for your appointment:

  • We suggest wearing flesh-toned undergarments (or even pasties) when fitting your gown.
  • Please refrain from wearing self-tanner, spray tan, or body makeup while fitting in the gowns to avoid stains.
  • Bring a pair of heels that are about the height you’ll be wearing with your dress.
  • Bring your most trusted friends / family that truly know your sense of style and are ready to support you.

Visit our FAQ page with any additional questions you might have, or feel free to text, call, or email us at any time.

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