The Experiences

Tiered levels of luxury. Because you deserve the bridal gown shopping experience you’ve always dreamt of. 

The MaidenWhite Standard

Our standard experience; but don’t let the word “standard,” fool you. You’ll be treated like a queen. ALWAYS.

Choose an exquisitely intimate appointment in one of our totally private suites, which are closed off from the rest of the showroom floor. Suitable for the Bride + 2 guests (3 if you’re comfy getting nice and snug). Laugh and dance in the privacy of your own party!

For parties exceeding this amount, choose our semi-private bridal dressing room which is more spacious and allows for parties with guest counts of 4 or more.

Reveal Party

Shopping for your dream dress is a deeply personal experience. For the bride who might like to shop alone or with a small party, but still wants her big, “I said YES to the dress!” moment, our reveal party is the way to go.

Once you’ve ordered your gown and it has arrived in our store, book a dress reveal party and invite your guests to see you try on YOUR gown for the first time ever. We’ll have celebratory drinks and  snacks prepped for you, and even the option to add hair & makeup, and a bridal bouquet ready for your reveal. This is a great option for including more of your squad while showing off a gown that was made just for you!

Luxe Appointment

Want to make a party out of your bridal gown shopping day? Our Luxe appointments are an excellent way we can offer an extra level of dedicated service that is truly unmatched.
During a 2 hour appointment, our bride and bride’s guest will have private access to the entire showroom! Let us pamper you with an assortment of celebratory drinks and snacks while we help find your dream gown. This is a great option for accommodating larger parties who want the full privacy and dedication of our salon’s efforts. 

Add on hair & makeup, as well as a bridal bouquet just for you to help make this experience extra special!